This 60 min. DVD by Tyce Diorio & Krista Saab demonstrates jazz variations & routines for an beginner level of study.

"Hops Dance - Jazz"

Tyce Diorio & Krista Saab
  Jazz Dance Class DVD

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Hops Dance - Jazz DVD
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HOPSDance is a unique dance instructional DVD. You receive LIVE dance instruction to help you better understand and learn the fundamental basics of dance! Ideal for the beginner dancer and a great tool for teaching kids, HOPSDance will introduce you to different styles in a way that's fun, creative and easy to grasp.  Tyce Diorio and Krista Saab will take you through combinations in Jazz, Hip Hop, Theatre and Latin Dance using exercise mats in various formations to help guide the steps and teach you spatial awareness.  They'll also take you through basic across the floor progressions to introduce some fundamental technique. Learn from them and then challenge yourself to be the choreographer! Combine the steps and movement you have learned to make up your own dance. Great for large group numbers!

HOPSDance is a fun and energetic program that gets your heart-rate up and your body moving. Exercise mats are used in this video in a very loosely structured manner and are not at all necessary.

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